Technological Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility

23 settembre 2014

Two important initiatives for C.M.S.’s future made in September


Thursday 11, September a special event focused on innovation took place at the headquarter of C.M.S. The initiative, organized by the company, along with Crit association ( and the Club of Innovators of Confindustria Modena, was attended by about 40 guests, belonging to R & D division of firms and universities.

C.M.S organizes periodically meetings with other companies on new projects, and has chosen to share its approach to research through the presentation of two applications, developed by its internal division Ri.Lab. The first solution relates to a new system for automatic assistance to the cabling, that allows to reduce the possibility of error in the assembly operations, facilities the operation and reduces the working time. The second project belongs, instead, more to the field of food safety, a strategic sector regarding C.M.S.’s business.

During the second part of the meeting, assisted by Professor Betta, responsible for the division EHEDG Italian, it has been shown the operation of a new, innovative system developed by C.M.S. to test the levels of hygienisation of different materials. The structure and related study will, then, be presented during the International Congress of EHEDG (Parma , from 30 to 31 October 2014, These two different projects represent perfectly how innovation is important for the company and show the investment in time and resources, that the company spends each year to continuously improve in terms of know-how and technological progress.

At the exhibition space Manifattura Tabacchi in Modena, September 12, Elena Salda presented in the margins of the exhibition “Captains Courageous, ethical business social responsibility.”, the new
association Aziende Modenesi per la RSI, that has among its objectives the promotion and diffusion of the principles and values related to Corporate Social Responsibility. Aziende Modenesi per la
RSI aims to stimulate dialogue among firms, communities and public institutions on issues of CSR, especially through the implementation of concrete projects and activities, to promote a sustainable economic and social development of our territory.