Go live of the association Aziende Modenesi per la Resposabilità sociale d’Impresa

03 ottobre 2014

a new reality dedicated to the promotion of Sustainability 360°

A different way to “make company culture” in our area for our firms


On September 30, Aziende Modenesi per la Responsabilità sociale d’Impresa (the association Companies of Modena for Corporate Social Responsibility) has been founded, a new dynamic association, built with determination by a group of companies of Modena, that has a clear target: to promote the principles of sustainability, involving several companies through meetings with experts and direct implementation of special projects of CSR. The companies that have chosen to be promoters of this initiative, unique in Modena, are: Aliante, C.M.S. S.p.A, Consorzio di Solidarietà Sociale, Cooperativa Scuola di Pallavolo, Florim Ceramiche SpA, Forgia del Frignano, Gruppo Remark, Gulliver Società Cooperativa Sociale, Lumaca Soc. Coop Sociale, Gruppo Manutencoop, Mediagroup98, MediaMo, Nordiconad, Socfeder SpA, Suincom SpA, TEC Eurolab srl, Tellure Rôta SpA. 17 companies of different size and ownership, that employ, directly or through its associates, a total of more than 31,000 operators. Important numbers that underline the relevance of this new initiative.

Elena Salda, executive president of C.M.S Spa, and president of Aziende Modenesi per la RSI comments on this initiative: “Making network between companies is essential, just like that, working together, we can achieve concrete results. In addition, the synergies implemented will allow us to deal with reality and very different problems, finding common solutions. Our Association wants to be a local landmark in terms of CSR for firms, who identify with the values of sustainability as a business philosophy.“

Aziende Modenesi per la RSI will present its program during a special event that will take place in December. Soon it will be online also the website
and it will open a dedicated page on linkedin. This Association will be really a point of reference for our territorial reality in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility.