the Quality system

In Group CMS Quality has always been the guideline of every activity, as we talk about the creation of an object, product or service for the customer. This means to put at the disposal of clients resources and processes focused on quality in every moment, from the idea to finished product. For this reason, in the company, certified management systems are active, based on shared target, prevention and measurement of performance for continuous improvement.
To listen to the voice of the customer drives all business activities: the quality is by its nature oriented to the client and must ensure that the needs and requirements are fully respected at all stages of the process, even entertaining close relationships and developing joint projects to improve . Quality is the way that transforms everyday concrete commitment to customer satisfaction.


IRIS International Railway Industry: Special certification for the railway sector, a very sensitive field from the point of view of safety and business perspectives . The IRIS certification is the completion of the international standard ISO 9001 for quality standards.
ISO 9001:Ensuring the planning, operations, control and continuous improvement of all processes for the effective and efficient implementation of the mission of the business and the satisfaction of customers and of the market in general.
ISO 14001: Proper management of environmental issues and the prevention of all forms of pollution, that are considered a strategic factor for the achievement of the mission.
UNI EN-ISO 3834-2: demonstrates the application of structured and standardized welding processes in accordance with the international standards and attests the robustness of processes managed by the personnel with a special focus on the preparation and competence related to welding quality.
OHSAS18001: certifies the voluntary application, within an organization, of a system that allows to ensure adequate control with regard to the Health and Safety of all employees, in addition to the application of laws and regulations.