Hi Gianfranco! How long have you been working in CMS and what is your job?
My adventure here began 18 years ago. I arrived in this company after a couple of years from my transfer: it was not easy to decide to leave my homeland, Sardinia, and move with my family to the North. I began in 2003 as external, then after one year and a half I was hired in OVP, which was one of our subsidiaries.
Currently, I work in the Assembly Department in our headquarter in Marano, in particular I assemble superstructures’ carters and forming lines of our customer Tetra Pak.

What do you like about your job?
Mainly, good organization and dialogue with my colleagues.
I often interact with my collaborators, we aim to a constant alignment in order to complete orders on time. Daily meetings allow us to be compact and cohesive, and this is certainly what makes our working place pleasant and harmonious. In the morning I always get to work happy and this is not a trivial matter.

What are the main difficulties in your daily working life?
Having to replace an absent colleague in a period of tight deliveries.
Or having to solve a technical problem on the machine just before the shipment.
Sometimes it can happen. And in these very moments CMS proves to be different from the other companies, in these very moments everything we are comes out, because CMS does not put off till tomorrow. We are able to review entire daily schedules in a few minutes to guarantee the customer the highest quality on time.

Tell us about your best day in these 18 years of work.
Actually, I don’t think about a particular day.
For me it’s a good day even when my manager pays me compliments, he gives me a pat on the shoulder, he thanks me. A “thank you” is short, direct, it is worth a thousand words, it “spreads” charisma and positivity. I think that gratification is the starting point to build a solid and proactive team, the engine that pushes us to give our best, to get better and better results.

If you had to define CMS with one word, what would it be?
Uniqueness. Thanks to the technical skills acquired and the cutting-edge technologies developed over years, today CMS represents an important historic company.

What was your childhood dream?
My dream was the same of many children: flying! And many years ago, I almost succeeded. I attended the flight school of Reggio Emilia to become a helicopter pilot. I would have been pleased to keep on and turn my wish into reality, then many factors led me away.

Do you have a hobby, a passion, a dream?
Tell us about yourself. I have a small craft brewery. I love home brewing. Making beer is an art, there is everything, inside: memories, traditions, knowledge and genuine and authentic flavours and ancestral tastes of the past.
This great love is certainly linked to my origins: beer culture is widely consolidated in Sardinia and it has very deep roots. What moves us is love and pride for our Sardinian identity: beer is a part of us, an element of the cultural heritage of our ancient ancestors. A passion? The sea! I was born there and I love it. I am so homesick, I miss my Sardinia very much. When you are born on an island, you have sea inside!

We wish you to come back soon to your beloved Sardinia. Unfortunately, now, due to the health emergency we are experiencing, travelling is certainly a problem. Speaking about Covid: what has changed in the company after the pandemic outbreak?
Of course, the company had to comply with the rules specified by the Government to try to contain the virus expansion.
Strict hygienic regulations have been adopted and our daily routine has extremely changed: this tension and fear always make us feel constantly alarmed, but we must not panic. Now our safety is the first priority and we must be patient. From my point of view, what has not changed are human relationships. Fortunately, with my colleagues we are keeping a good teamwork.
We continue our collaboration in compliance with anti-Covid rules. And this is good for everyone, both for us and for the company.

We talked about the past and the present. Now let’s talk about the future: how do you see yourself in 10 years?
I will be retiring soon. Maybe in 10 years I will be on the beach?! Or maybe not.
I am the grandfather of two beautiful grandchildren, aged 6 and 4, who live here, so I will not go away from them. And even if I found the bravery, my wife would not!

A message in a bottle for future generations?
I think about my younger colleagues. They are doing a great job, every day they give their best for our beautiful company.
I saw plenty, and CMS is a company like none other. I would simply tell them they are on the right track. Keep it up, guys.


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