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We are the worldwide partner of leading companies in their sectors for the design, development, production, testing and supply of highly complex and precise machines and components.

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Mechanical engineering and manufacturing for third parties

CMS was established in 1975 and operates in the field of mechanical engineering and manufacturing for third parties. The main features of CMS are its  various but converging technical skills developed over time. Skills that have enabled us to serve the national and international market with a solid structure capable of offering services and products with high quality standards.

“From the idea to the product”, our motto, represents us perfectly. From design to engineering, production, assembly and testing, CMS can offer its customers a complete cycle, with a high degree of innovation.

A particular attention to Corporate Social Responsibility is one more feature playing a key-role in the entrepreneurial philosophy of our company. Our employees can enjoy the corporate welfare project “Better Factory Better Life”, which includes many benefits such as the company nursery and the summer centre for their children and many other agreements that can be extended to the whole family.



Our Companies


CMS Birth and growth

CMS was established in Vignola in 1975. Although its Emilian roots, CMS soon expanded its horizons abroad, both in Europe and overseas, proposing itself to the world leader in the liquid packaging sector and giving rise to a relationship that will be crucial for the future development of the company.

Founded as a small assembly company, CMS invested in machine tools and in 1980 became a joint-stock company. Thanks to the technical skills acquired and the advanced technologies developed over the years, today CMS represents an important historic company.



macchine automatiche packaging

A Historic Company.


Millions of turnover


Employees and collaborators


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Values and Skills

Our driving force

We work to create value for our customers, our staff and the local community.
We pursue profit without harming people and environment.
We respect different cultures and ideas.
We look for the appreciation and trust of our customers and all the other stakeholders.
We are excited about offering better and better solutions.
We maintain and increase our know-how.
We want to amaze you.

Our Technologies

Raw materials cutting
Metal sheet processing
Pipes bending
Tig / mig welding
Robotic welding island
Robotic deburring island
3 and 5 axes vertical milling
Horizontal multi-pallet machining centres
Treatments: passivation, electro-polishing, pickling
Laser marking
Zeiss / Dea metrology room

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Industrial Machines Production


  • ISO 9001

    ISO 9001

    Improve the overall performance and establish a solid foundation for sustainable development initiatives, correctly managing the risks and opportunities associated with the company context and goals, in order to optimize the implementation of the business mission and the satisfaction of both the customer and the market in general.

  • ISO 14001

    ISO 14001

    The correct management of environmental issues and the prevention of all forms of pollution are a strategic factor for the mission achievement.

  • UNI EN-ISO 3834-2

    UNI EN-ISO 3834-2

    This certification witnesses the application of structured and standardized welding processes in compliance with international criteria and it certifies the solidity of processes managed by personnel with a special focus on expertise and skills related to the ability to realize quality welding.

  • ISO 45001

    ISO 45001

    It certifies the voluntary implementation, within an organization, of a system that allows ensuring an adequate control with regard to workers’ safety and health, as well as compliance with current rules.

  • M.O.C.A.


    Declaration of conformity within food contact materials and objects. Thanks to its multi-year experience in the supply of food machineries, as well as a constant improvement of its skills and processes, CMS is able to issue declarations of compliance with the legal requirements expressed by Legislative Decree 29/2017, referred to food contact materials and objects, if this is requested by the customer in the starting phase.

  • ISO 22000

    ISO 22000

    This certificate represents the fundamental standard for safety management systems in the agri-food sector.



    It is an international platform in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. Its activity consists in monitoring and evaluating the performance of companies with reference to these principles.

  • Uni/PdR 125:2022

    Uni/PdR 125:2022

    UNI/PdR 125:2022 certifies gender equality within the organization. A greater inclusion of women in labor market is an essential tool to improve social cohesion, as well as supporting the economic growth of both our country and our company.


People First.


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