Industrial Machines Production

Industrial Machines Production


Making mechanics: this is the beating heart of CMS, but also the imperative shared by all the productive realities, specialized and dedicated to single production areas, divided by technologies or by business sector. Excellence in the production of mechanical components stems from the deep knowledge of the technologies used and from the systematic and strategic approach to manufacturing as a moment of maximum development of value within the path “from the idea to the product”. Efficiency, cost optimization, traceability and flexibility are some of the main values recognized by customers, and guaranteed throughout the selected and validated supply chain.

produzione macchinari industriali


CMS has always paid attention to production standards and employs an extremely rich range of production technologies. Traditionally, the most consolidated are machining and welding. Outstanding partners further guarantee access to the most advanced technologies and expertise in the different processes necessary for optimized manufacturing of a product. Close attention and constant commitment to staying at the cutting edge of the core technologies of machining, assembly and testing allow the Group’s high levels of efficiency, quality and flexibility to be maintained. Here below, the wide range of our technologies:

Raw materials cutting
Metal sheet processing
Pipes bending
TIG / MIG welding
Robotic welding island
Robotic deburring island
Three and five axes vertical milling
Horizontal multi-pallet machining centres
Treatments: passivation, electro-polishing, pickling
Laser marking
Zeiss / DEA metrology room

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Quality is always the guideline to all the activities of CMS, from the creation of an object, a product or a service aimed at the customer. This means putting resources and processes at customers’ disposal which are strongly oriented towards quality, from the idea through to the product. As such, there are certified management systems in the company based on sharing of objectives, prevention, and measurement of performance to provide continuous improvement. Listening to the customer is what drives the company’s activities – quality is, by its very nature, customer driven. It is therefore essential to guarantee that their requests and requirements are fully respected at every stage of the process, including by ensuring close relationships and developing combined improvement activities. Quality is the road which leads from a concrete day-to-day commitment to final customer satisfaction.

Produzione di macchine industriali in Italia


In order to accompany its customers as a partner, CMS pays maximum attention to internal investments, thus ensuring it operates with the best technology and to the highest quality standards. Over years, CMS has always ensured to keep its fleet of machinery up-to-date, from bending and laser cutting to manual and robotic welding, form turning and milling department to big machining centres. The result of our commitment is, today, a large fleet of machines able to reply to the most various production needs.  Focusing on innovation is crucial for the economic growth of a company. We embrace this philosophy, deciding to invest in robotic technology. Although the high level of automation, our processes are followed by a qualified staff, who constantly supervise all the processing phases. The actual heritage of our company, in fact, is represented by our operators, who periodically attend training courses through which they achieve specific certificates and high-level technical skills.

Produzione di macchine industriali

Tailor-made productions

Integration with all customers and with the whole supply chain is a very competitive tool for CMS: integration, sure enough, means working beside customers to achieve winning results together. For us, this also means accompanying the customer step by step, reserving tailor-made productions, to meet every need, even the smallest: our flexible structure and our specialized skills will allow us to free ourselves from big numbers and be able to focus on small-scale productions,  customer-oriented, avoiding the high costs linked to large industrial batches.

Produzione di macchine industriali

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