Supply Chain Management

Complete management of the Supply Chain


Those who choose to use CMS’ services have the advantage of interfacing with a single partner who can put forward many years of experience in different industrial sectors with various production technologies, vertically integrating complex and specialized supply chains in their platform. In order to do this, we decided to dedicate wide spaces entirely to logistics and handling departments, distributing them on two factories and keeping them updated with the latest and highest performing technologies. For example, we have automated vertical storage systems that can store a large number of items and identify them quickly and accurately. In addition, we have a warehouse to arrange particularly bulky items. We also support our customers in the management of shipments all over the world, taking care of all aspects: from the organization of transport to the packaging, up to the preparation of any customs documentation. These skills enable us to manage all supply chain flows synergistically, to grow your business on a global scale.


Supply Chain Management


We develop transport and logistics solutions based on every business need. Years of experience in shipping by sea, by land and by air, together with the consolidated technical skills, guarantee the excellence of our service in terms of speed, reliability and flexibility. Thanks to consolidated relationships with the main shippers, we can satisfy every type of request both in terms of volumes and delivery times: in fact, the collaboration with partners with a great knowledge of the market, not only domestic but especially international, allows us to reach every destination of the world, optimizing times and reducing costs.


Supply Chain Management


Not only logistics, but also packaging and customs documentations. We study together with the customer customized systems for any packaging. Without material constraints and with the aim of ensuring maximum safety, we protect all types of goods by always finding the most suitable packaging solution. Thanks to our logistic staff, endowed with deep expertise and knowledge of the sector, we take care of the products by making use of tailor-made solutions, able to protect the integrity of the load throughout the journey, up to the final destination. Our logistics team is joined by the administrative one, which is crucial for the resolution of any complex customs operations and practices. Thanks to this synergy, we solve every problem with care and pragmatism, following the strictest export rules, and without ignoring the smallest detail.


Supply Chain Management

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A complete service that covers all the needs related to the management of suppliers



We take care of everything, so that the customer can talk to a single interlocutor


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Supply chain management guarantees optimization of time


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