Our Values, our Commitment

Since 2007 our welfare project “Better Factory Better Life” has contributed to improving the work/life balance of our employees.

For Families

Among the various services available to employees there are the company nursery, the summer centre and many benefits for them and their families, in order to meet as many needs as possible.

The nursery school “Il paese dei colori” ( was built in 2007 to meet the needs of our employees as well as the local community. It is made entirely of wood following green building guidelines, with a particular attention to energy saving. For furnishings and toys, natural materials were used. The building covers an area of ​​530 square meters, on a green area of ​​1400 square meters. The nursery school hosts children from 12 to 36 months, with spaces suitable for up to 49 participants. Since 2010 CMS has also activated the “Green Summer” summer centre, a project realized to expand the range of services dedicated to employees and the community. It takes place in the area of the nursery school and it is open from July to September.


For the People

The company offers its employees the possibility of having a flexible timetable to be agreed with their managers and Human Resources. In addition, a working time account has been set up to compensate working times in relation to personal needs. Special benefits are granted to employees for special events such as marriage or the birth of a child.

Moreover, collaborators can access to the company canteen with a special agreement.  Nearby, there is a company library open for all the employees. The company also organizes special days such as “Children in the office” to open the doors of the company to family members.

It is very important for CMS to carry out projects aimed at protecting and preventing its collaborators’ welfare: training activities and initiatives for health prevention play a key-role in order to increase the safety rate in the workplace.


For Young People

There are many activities carried out to improve team building and include young people, crucial goals for corporate social responsibility. For this reason,  CMS has defined the company values and the expected behaviours, which always promote team working. In addition, a coaching project has been activated for the managers of the company. Furthermore, a tool called “skill matrix” is also used to map the competences, suitable to support the employees’ professional growth. Many hours are dedicated, in particular, to the training activities of all employees, an important element to raise the level of competitiveness of the company.

The company’s attention to the level of satisfaction of its employees is very high. For this reason, the analysis of the company climate is periodically carried out, thus generating a series of specific corrective actions. Being part of a group also means spending time together outside the workplace. This is why, during the year, several collective moments are organized, such as the end of summer party and the Christmas dinner.


For the Community

“VolontariAmo” is a project that allowed 50 employees to work as a team for the community by engaging in volunteer activities.

Since 2008 CMS shows all its activities in the corporate social responsibility report, made available to everyone online on its website and distributed on paper to the main stakeholders. Since the same year it takes part to the “Club delle Imprese Modenesi per la Responsabilità Sociale” formed by the Municipality of Modena with the support of the Province, in collaboration with Confindustria Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori, CNA, Lapam Federimpresa, and Confesercenti. Since 2014 CMS is part of and it is one of the founding members of “Associazione per la Responsabilità sociale d’impresa”, which includes over 30 local companies and which aims at promoting sustainability-related issues.

The company participated for several years, with a financial contribution, to “Azienda Amica della Scienza” operation of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation. Through this initiative, CMS supported the training of a researcher at the European School of Molecular Medicine. 

CMS is also sensitive to environmental issues; therefore, it created a photovoltaic system that currently supplies (with different percentages) CMS1 and CMS2, the main factories, respectively dedicated to assembly and production. The project, realized with an investment of around 400 thousand euros, includes the use of 1126 panels, which generate a total power of 281.5 kWp and allow a CO2 reduction of 179.5 t / year.

responsabilità sociale d'impresa

A constant commitment.

For the community, the people, the environment and the family


Fondazione Bellisario Award

Award to Elena Salda for the initiatives dedicated to her employees


Ernst & Young Award

Award to Elena Salda as "The entrepreneur of the year" in the "Family Business" category


Champion Award

Assigned by Federmeccanica to CMS for the corporate welfare project

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