gestione delle materie prime

Raw material management

At CMS cutting department, raw materials are organized and properly prepared according to the specifications required by the Production. From the cutting of raw materials on, product traceability is managed through specific codes and colours. This plays a crucial role in satisfying the expectations of our customers, who show themselves more and more demanding every day, especially within food industry. It is therefore of primary importance to certify, even on all documents, the place of origin and the various phases of production and marketing not only of the products, but also of raw material. The materials mainly processed are stainless steel (AISI 304 and AISI 316), construction steels, aluminium and plastic compounds. We use band and disk saws, which provide a maximum cutting size up to 300 mm.

Metal sheet processing

Thanks to the experience and deep competences gained over time, CMS performs all the different metal sheet machining processes: from laser cutting to finishing, up to bending and welding. We have a laser-cutting machine with dimensions up to 1500 mm x 3000 mm, able to cut stainless steel with thicknesses up to 20 mm, iron up to 25 mm and aluminium up to 10 mm.

We also have a metal sheet finishing department for polishing and brushing of laser cut parts, a 230-ton bending press with a maximum length of 3200 mm, and a metal sheet welding department for light carpentry machining. Furthermore, we have an entire department dedicated to light carpentry completing, such as threads, holes and small millings.

Thanks to highly qualified operators and experts in metal sheet processing, we can implement the best procedures to obtain the required products, optimizing times, costs and quality. The professionalism of our staff allows us to reply quickly to the several requests of our customers, with maximum competence and executive flexibility, representing the real secret of the high quality level of CMS metal sheet processing.

Pipes bending

From programming and tooling up to bending, our machines show very innovative features such as specific control systems and bending angles measurement devices. These options facilitate the operator’s activity by making it safer, faster and more efficient; in addition, thanks to simple and intuitive controlling devices, they certainly contribute to greater production flexibility. We are able to bend stainless steel pipes up to a maximum diameter of 80 mm.

Tig mig welding

In order to offer the most suitable machining with respect to each single customer’s requirement, CMS is able to perform tig / mig welding operations on stainless steel and aluminium with the utmost care and professionalism. In particular, we perform manual, circular and orbital welding through special positioners on pipes and medium-small and heavy carpentries.

Quality plays a key role for us, so we choose to increase constantly our knowledge and expertise in welding: we have highly specialized operators, qualified thanks to the rigorous training course provided by the Italian Institute of Welding in Genoa. Ensuring maximum expertise and precision, our staff is therefore able to operate without slags, provide high quality joints, guarantee flexibility and high productivity as well as performing welding on both large and small materials.

Robotic technology

Focusing on innovation is crucial for the economic growth of a company.

We embrace this philosophy, deciding to invest in robotic technology.

In fact, CMS makes use of a robotic welding island: the island totally comprises three stations with tig and mig procedures, two of them are lathe stations and one is a rotary – tilting station. The island has a 12-meters stroke, a Panasonic robot mod. VR-008G2 equipped with an operating radius of 1547 mm, as well as a starting joint search function and the possibility of using an automatic torch change device (tig, mig, tig cold wire system).

Robotic deburring island

Thanks to a continuous updating of our plants and a deep attention to technological innovations, CMS has a robotic deburring island. Robotisation increasingly represents a benefit and, by contributing to the constant improvement of production standards and processing times, it becomes an indispensable tool to reply to the production specifications of our most demanding customers. Among its technical peculiarities, the island is equipped with a wireless programming unit with Windows operating system, a positioner with two electromechanically drivable positions and three rotary axes as well as a system detecting the part position through laser. It is also possible to change the various abrasives used to carry out the parts finishing through a tool change system.


The expertise obtained over the years has turned into highly accurate products. In fact, our turning department has technologically advanced machines with high performances, aimed at obtaining extreme flexibility, which allow us to meet a wide range of production requirements by working on both large and small materials, with N/C machines and centre lathes.

In particular, we have two N/C lathes with a stroke of up to 1000 mm and a maximum turning diameter of 380 mm; one of them has a bar loader, that allows us to automate and therefore speed up production processes. In addition, we have a lathe with a stroke of up to 2100 mm and a maximum turning diameter of 680 mm, two multitasking lathes with two spindles that can perform both turning and milling, with a stroke of up to 1000 mm and a maximum turning diameter of 660 mm.

A qualified staff checks all turning operations, promptly intervening in order to guarantee the best result of all the processing phases.

N/C milling

N/C milling

We carry out N/C milling work with both 3-axis and 5-axis machines to realize components requiring a high degree of precision. We perform 3-axis and 5-axis milling with high-speed and high-complexity machineries. We are equipped with the most modern machines to perform every type of milling; in particular, we have a vertical milling machine with x-axis stroke up to 3000 mm, and a vertical milling machine with tilting head and rotary table for 5-axis machining with x-axis stroke up to 3000 mm. The highly specialized staff and an experience of more than forty years acquired in very complex processes allow a rapid reply to the requests of the most demanding customers.

Machining centers

Among our machineries, machining centres undoubtedly play a key role: undisputed star of machine tools and modern mechanics. In order to meet the production requirements of large lots, we have machining centres equipped with multi-pallet systems, which are necessary to cope with milling operations even on large components. Our machining centres are technologically advanced with a very high flexibility, maximum precision and power: three factors typically required in our sectors, and which certainly contribute to increasing the productivity of our company. In particular, we have a 5-pallet horizontal machining centre with a rotating head and x-axis stroke up to 3100 mm, and a horizontal 2-pallet machining centre with a rotating head and x-axis stroke up to 3100 mm. Furthermore, we use powerful multifunctional machines with extremely qualifying technical peculiarities: high productivity, precision and reliability, all excellent features allowing us to achieve maximum performance and thus meet the needs of the highest standards required by our customers. More precisely, we have two machines with two pallets with a stroke of up to 700 mm, a 6-pallet machine with x-axis stroke up to 700 mm, a 16-pallet machine with x-axis stroke up to 1000 mm, a machine with 20 pallets with x-axis stroke up to 1000 mm, and a 2-pallet machine with x-axis stroke up to 1000 mm.

The skills and experience of our qualified personnel, with the support of sophisticated programming software, allow us to analyze carefully the complexity of mechanical parts in order to establish the type of precision milling to be carried out in order to reduce the positioning times of the machine and guarantee an excellent degree of finishing.

Surface finishing

CMS constantly pursues total quality in all its processes and therefore the surface finishing plays a crucial role, because of the properties and features it confers to the product. CMS therefore makes use of a specific area for metals surface treatments. In fact, inside the production plant, within finishing department, specific tanks are available for pickling, passivation and electro-polishing. More precisely, we have two pickling tanks with dimensions up to 3000 mm x 1500 mm, two tanks for washing and degreasing parts with dimensions up to 3000 mm x 1500 mm, a passivation tank with dimensions up to 1500 mm x 1500 mm and a tank for electro-polishing with dimensions up to 1500 mm x 1500 mm.

These treatments are strictly important because they make products’ final surface completely decontaminated and uniform, as well as protected against atmospheric or corrosive agents.

Laser labelling

We look for quality in all the phases of company processes, and in each of them, the attention to traceability has now become an essential element. Traceability begins with marking, so we have high quality laser markers for product identification through their numbering. In this way, we automate the identification procedures, ensuring a high level of control on our products. Taking advantage of specific focal lenses and a high laser power, essential factors for a precision marking, we are able to obtain optimal results and guarantee not only speed of execution but also maximum safety, thanks to an external cabin for fumes suction. We can make markings up to 200 mm x 200 mm, even on very large parts. Both simple numbers and even complex logos or drawings can be marked, depending on the Customer’s requests.

Metrology room.

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