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The time of testing is essential to verify that the required features are present in any component, or more complex system. Testing is the link between the customer’s specification and the guarantee that it was made in the process and in the delivered product. To ensure the best performance of this delicate phase in CMS there are functional, electrical and mechanical test equipment, coordinate measuring systems and control instruments to perform checks on components and products. The testing is prepared and carried out in close contact with the customer: from the collection of all the needs and requirements required to the analysis of the results of the verification process. When necessary or required, validation visits are also organized by the customer.






We are able to offer a service of technical consulting and support for the execution of tests on machines, even if these have not been manufactured by us. This means that you can rely on us even for the only final test of your plants, making use of our equipped metrology room. Suitably air-conditioned, we constantly monitor the thermal and hygrometric conditions in order to avoid any alterations during the checks and therefore guarantee really precise dimensional checks. Our metrology room has a complete range of cutting-edge technologies, from measuring equipment – such as the optical machine, the profilometer, the durometer, the altimeter, the spectrometer – to the three-dimensional machines DEA and ZEISS for the check of dimensional and geometric tolerances, with automatic release of test report. We are able to perform tests on machines of any size, up to 3000 mm x 1500 mm.





The metrology room is not the only area dedicated to testing: within the production department, each work station is equipped with its own measuring instruments, directly used by the operator. In fact, the components are not tested only at the end of the production, but they are scrupulously checked since the production phase: our testers perform continuous checks on the machine with care and attention, using micrometers, gauges, buffers, bore meters, to monitor the manufacturing process . We are also equipped to perform special tests, such as the penetrating liquids test and the helium test. The Quality team therefore plays a strategic role within the company: it deals not only with the conformity of the process and the product, but it also promotes all the improvement activities, involving the whole organization. By adopting work practices typical of the “World Class Manufacturing” philosophy, the company is oriented towards Kaizen ideology, 5S methodologies and lean production.




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Professional tests and checks on all machines and components



We collect all the needs and perform tests in close contact with the customer



We have the most sophisticated measuring systems and instruments


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