Industrial Machines Assembling


The natural product vertical integration flow passes through assembling and testing, which in CMS are closely linked processes. The decades of experience acquired with customers in various sectors and companies know-how allow CMS to best organize and monitor every phase of the assembly process. WCM strategies and continuous process optimization through lean techniques, layouts and flexible lines guarantee on-time, on-quality and in-full deliveries. Diversification of workshops across different sites dedicated to specific assembly operations (food processing, life science/pharma packaging and packaging filling beverage) further ensures optimal solutions based on the complexity and dimensions of the systems and products to be assembled.



We are a dynamic company, able to put our undisputed professionalism at your service. Our assembly teams best express CMS forty-years’ experience, employing transversal competences that allow us to carry out the complete assembly of our customers’ machines. Our skills range from increasingly sophisticated mechanical assemblies and wiring, to the creation of electrical and pneumatic systems alongside the machine, with a meticulous control of the components.


Bill of Material management

Over the years we have continuously developed our management softwares in order to get a greater and greater integration between production and assembly. This allows us to manage quickly and effectively any type of assembly. Particularly skilled in this business branch, for us it is enough to obtain from the customer the bill of materials explosion. Once received, we prepare to receive and organize all the parts of the plant to be assembled; afterwards, we are ready to start the assemblies, even the most complex ones. In fact, we are able to manage very extensive bills of materials, with an important number of codes. Thanks to our experience and specialization, together with the custom of managing critical assemblies with BOMs on many levels, CMS has increasingly been able to perfect itself in the realization of precision assemblies on customer specifications in different business areas, always guaranteeing excellent results.



Ours is not just an assembly line, but a team of skilled, trained and certified people, able to carefully read the construction drawing of the customer. In fact, thanks to the practical experience in reading mechanical drawings, gained by working for years alongside important foreign multinational companies, we can guarantee the highest quality for the customer, as well as maximum accuracy in the implementation of the required technical specifications. Our skills, together with our know-how, represent for us a precious and rich heritage that we can be proud of. However, teamwork is the real key to our success: quality that, over the years, has led us to establish a perfect synergy among the several production departments, guaranteeing the customer the utmost professionalism and availability.


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Each processing step is best organized to ensure constant monitoring



Lean techniques, layout and flexible lines ensure reliable deliveries


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